Driotwich Sprint

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Jul 282014

With the popularity of the sport steadily increasing the Droitwich Sprint Triathlon was a sell out again this year, Perfect conditions greeted first timers & seasoned triathletes at the Droitwich Leisure Centre which proved to be a fantastic venue once again,

£800 was raised by the club for St Richards Hospice who supported the event with run course marshalls

Geoff Twinning (259)(Stroud A/C) had the fastest swim split of the day (5.07) to help him to overall victory, Scott O’Neil (190) (Stourbridge Velo) was nearly 3mins behind after his swim but after posting the fastest bike split of the day (31.36) and a top three run finished only 27 seconds down to give him 2nd overall, Local Athlete James Luff (235) (Absolute Tri Club) made up the top three
Jessica Williams (232) was first Lady, Second was Junior Anne Kenchington (254)(BRAT Club)with Yasmin Chaudhri (208)(BRAT Club) in third
Keith Sutton Coalfields RT was first veteran (over 40) & was 4th overall, Local Athlete David Bennet (TRIKS) was first Super vet (over 50) with Bromsgroves Stirling Farmer (255) (Cobra) in second
Martley man Tony Lewington (117) (Absolute Tri) won the Ultra Vets (over 60)
First lady veteran was Alison Carr (156) with Elaine Callinan (215) (Solihull Tri Club)winning the super vets, Worcester Tri Clubs Rosalind Townsend-Hope (205) took the Ultra Vets prize
In the youth catagory Joel Roura (258) (Wrekin College Tri club) was first with Worcester Tri Clubs Nixie Turner (5) first female youth
Finally in the over 70’s Bob Colston (112) (Droitwich AC) had a good race to just edge out Worcester Tri Clubs President Les Bailey (5) for second place behind Chris Harrison

Results are at  http://www.stuweb.co.uk/event/1788

Photos are here http://picasaweb.google.com/andyropersportspix

Best wishes to Jenna Harvey for a speedy recovery after her collision with a van on the course, nothing broken thankfully apart from the bike!

Thanks to Droitwich Leisure Centre and all the staff for letting us invade them for the morning again!

Thanks to Worcester Triathlon Club members for all their efforts in making the event happen,

Thanks to my daughter Gemma who did another fantastic job compiling spread sheets and doing registration

And of course thanks to everyone who entered, hope you all enjoyed the day

Best regards Mark


Next Arran and Double Swim session is 9th Aug NOT 2nd

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Jul 282014

The first Saturday of the month is usually the 2 hour swim session where 4-5pm is camera analysis and lane swimming and 5-6pm is a coached session for members however Arran is away 2nd Aug so swapped to 9th.

Any members and non members who would like to have a 20 min. swim camera analysis session with Arran please let me know. Cost £20 members and £30 non members.


Upton Olympic Distance Triathlon 12th June 2014 – Ratan Alexander

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Jul 282014

Upton Olympic Distance Triathlon 12th June 2014.

This is one of the few Triathlons held on a Saturday because of the big party they have in the evening. This triathlon has developed a bit of a reputation for being relaxed and fun with competitors coming from far and wide (Scotland to Cornwall) and camping for the weekend. It is held on a farm in the fields by the main bridge. Parking is free and by the registration tent. You receive all the usual stuff as well as a T-shirt. Transition zone is the field by the bridge and road.

Swim: You have to walk 1500m upstream across the field to the start so bring your flip-flops and race bag. The organisers then collect the bags and return them to registration for collection. I found the swim excellent as really enjoyed it although there is some discussion on the FB page about stomach upsets maybe due to drinking the river water. The current is strong and the swim one way so expect a PB for the distance. Once out it is a bit of a run to the entrance to transition and then out.

The cycle ride is two laps around the country roads of Croomb and Kempsey and fast. There is a small hill, which isn’t to taxing that you do twice. Roads are in good condition and only a couple of right hand turns. There are no water feeds on the ride. The run-in into the transition is under the main road, which is safe.

The run is two laps of a mainly off road route but primarily on hard ground.

There are two water feeds per lap and sprinklers. Running past the cow shed on the farm certainly adds to experience. The finish is a 400 m straight run in. Post race there are camping showers available which are free (as far as I know) so you can freshen up change while waiting.

I really enjoyed this Tri because of its laid-back feel and party atmosphere. There are plenty of hotels in Upton but they are not that inexpensive. I would probably camp, to be on site for the party. Cycling around Worcestershire is always enjoyable and the swim and run are big bonuses. We should support this local Tri as much as possible.

Windsor Olympic Distance Triathlon 15th June 2014 – Ratan Alexander

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Jul 282014

Windsor Olympic Distance Triathlon 15th June 2014.


This triathlon has been running for many years now and is organised by Human Races. It is based in Windsor town itself and the facilities are good. Arrival by car from the M4 is a breeze and there is ample parking at a local school for only £10 for both days. It is best to park in the fields on the right side of the road on race day for easy access to leave. Signing on is the usual affair on the Saturday in the village and racking must be done that day for bikes up to 16:30. Security is very good overnight.


The swim was in the Thames and straight up for 750m to the road bridge and then back down. The depth is shallow by the banks so it is possible to walk, as some did, upstream although I am not sure why they bothered entering. The waves are set off every ten minutes so if you are a weak swimmer you are not left on your own as the next wave catches up soon. Once out of the river with plenty of assistance available if required, its onto the bike for a really nice, flat road stage heading out into the countryside. The roads are open which can be a nuisance if chasing a PB but the locals seemed to have got used to the inconvenience and give plenty of room. On returning to the town you then run three laps around Windsor, passing under the Castle and out towards Eton College. There are two water stops on each lap and sprinklers on hot days. The crowds were great and the plentiful in town. On finishing you get a medal, decent T shirt, water or coconut juice and an energy bar of your choice. After the finish you are in the middle of Windsor so there is plenty of choice.

I elected to stay Saturday night in a Travelodge in the centre of town which is only a five minute walk from the transition area thus avoiding a very long queue at 6:30 on Sunday morning for the car park. It also meant I could shower and change before heading home. If taking the family they can have use of the room until 14:00 with the extended room rate.

I highly recommend this race and have already entered for next year.

Upton Warren open for swimming Saturday 12th July

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Jul 082014

Good news at last!

The Manager of the centre has suggested the water quality is OK now for swimming so we will be back this weekend

Usual terms and times and system etc.


Upton Warren update – No swimming Saturday 5th July cont…

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Jul 032014

Following several water treatments there has been a marked improvement in the water quality and we have agreed with the Centre Manager to give it 1 week+ to make sure it doesn’t change.

As a club Worcester take health and safety as an important consideration and whilst it can be frustrating not getting a swim I am sure you wouldn’t be too happy if you got ill when we knew the water could have the effect so bear with us and we will get back soon..


Top Barn Duathlon Race Report

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Jul 022014

On Sunday 29th June 85 committed individuals participated, over 3 distances, in second ever Top Barn Duathlon. Yes, unfortunately, for the second year running the water quality at the venue didn’t meet our standards. Despite efforts by Top Barn staff to remove the weed there were still reports of swimmers suffering from ‘swimmers itch’. The decision to change the format of the race wasn’t taken lightly and a number of alternatives were considered before a decision was made.

Our primary concern was to adhere to the clubs principles and values by running a safe and enjoyable event. As a respectable club we have a reputation for making decisions based on the welfare of the competitors and not decisions based on profit. However, I don’t think anybody could have predicted just how many people didn’t want to race a Duathlon?!?!.. This was somewhat disappointing and for this reason we thank those who remained committed and supported the race. We hope you had an enjoyable day. And to those of you who withdrew…. such a shame as you missed a great race.

The race itself went very smoothly. Luckily the torrential rain we endured while setting up transition on Saturday afternoon didn’t return on race day. Instead we had a glorious day with a little breeze which made for a challenging headwind on the A443 to Great Witley. Some temporary traffic lights in Lower Broadheath meant we had to make the bike lap slightly longer (+3km). However, this extended route worked well as it avoided Hallow Lane (which is a bit ‘sketchy’ in places) and also bypassed the tricky ‘T’ Junction back onto the A443.

The reduced numbers resulted in some competitors winning an unexpected, yet well deserved, prize of cash and wine. A full list of results can be found on Stuweb.

As promised the club donated 10% of entry fee revenue to local charity St Richards Hospice. Add to this the donations from the post race massage the total sum donated to St Richards Hospice was £489.

Some of you may have spotted Worcester Tri Club member (and amateur photographer) Darren Huxley sat in a roadside ditch with his camera capturing some action shots of you all. These photos can be viewed and purchased from here . Darren is away on holiday at the moment so he’ll process any orders in a week or so. A proportion of monies taken from photo sales will be donated to St. Richards Hospice.

There were a couple of items handed in as lost property. So if you lost anything on Sunday please email russell.kingston@btopenworld .com and he’ll endeavour to reunite you.

Finally, special thanks to all the loyal members who took time out of their weekend to help setup, marshal and clear up after the event. Without you the event would never happen and your input is instrumental in making sure the event runs smoothly.