Hello and a quick update regarding Sunday’s races.

The Sprint results have now been published on Stuweb and we are aware there are still a couple of eroneous results. If you have a problem with your race splits (with the exception of not being quick enough on the day – we can’t help there!) please make yourself known and we will try and get it resolved by our race timers.

There are several prize winners who were not present at prize-giving and we need to send cheques to. These will be sent out in the next week and we will also publish a full list of results soon.

For those that live in and around Worcester the Evening News is running a report either today (Tuesday 28th) or tomorrow so please look out for it. Tri247 and 220 may also publish reports and we will let you know when this happens.

Lost property – there are several items which haev been reported lost. If you have any lost property or accidentally picked up something that wasn’t yours please drop me a line on gavin_j_vickers@hotmail.com and we will try and re-unite you.

Thanks to everyone for their positive (and negative feedback) about the day – it is always welcome and we need it to help improving the race each year. The biggest change this year was the longer times between the different waves so we would be interested in how you thought this went.

Thanks to everyone who followed the race count-down on Twitter@top_barn_tri – was this helpful on the lead-up to the race?

Gav Vickers, Race Director, Top Barn Triathlons