Newent Duathlon 5k/18k/5k on Sunday 1/04/12.

It was an early start for me on Sunday morning, as I’d failed to realise that the Newent Duathlon was two hours and 95 miles away from my bed!  In the end I got there in plenty of time and had my pre-race strong coffee with me.

It was cool at the start but looked like it was going to stay dry.

There was just Lee Oliver, Michelle Parsons and me racing today, but we had two cheerleaders in the form of Phil Parsons and Iain Jennings to keep us going.

The race started on the field and as usual there was the mad rush for the first half mile before some realise that they’ve got their ambitions mixed up with their capabilities.

It then levelled off and I found myself in 5th place.  There was a chap just in and a further three running pretty evenly in a group further up the road.

I settled into my pace and entered T1 still in 5th.  Another quick T1 saw me out just behind the guy in front and I quickly passed him, and didn’t see him again!

I was in the same position as at Peopleton the other week, trying to chase down a group of three.  I could see them about 100m up the road but it didn’t seem like I was catching them on the 18k bike lap. But towards the end I noticed that I was slowly closing in and came into T2 just behind them.

The eventual winner Andrew Fisher was already out and I didn’t see him until the finish: a solid race by him.

I had two in front of me that I could see and I focused on slowly closing the gap to the third placed lad and I managed to catch him just before a short, sharp climb.  I passed him and noticed he was sliding back and couldn’t stay on my heels, so I pulled away and looked ahead to the man at number two, who was a chap who I know can run.  I found to my surprise that I was very slowly closing in on him but I just didn’t have anything else in the tank as we ran the last 100m to the finish.

So I crossed the line in 3rd place and another podium finish in a time of 1.07.30.  I was a happy chappie and a good day’s work had been done.

Michelle Parsons was a league above the other ladies and most of the men and finished first lady and 12th overall in a time of 1.12.37.

Lee Oliver also had a solid race and finished 40th in a time of 1.18.36.

Andy Day (Daysey)