Worcester Triathlon Club held its annual Children’s Duathlon race at the University of Worcester on Sunday 26th May – it was the seventh year it had taken place.  The weather was perfect for the race, warm, sunny and no wind.  The race is held within the University Campus with running on the Astroturf pitch and the biking on the twisting Campus roads.


The were five separate races catering for competitors from 8 to 16 years old and distances varied from 400 metres run then 1.5km bike, then a final 200 metre run – this was for the 8 year olds.  The 16 year olds did a 2.5km run, 12km bike and a 1.25km run.


This year was a record entry of 120 competitors and the race was part of the West Midland British Triathlon Federation series.


The overall winners of each category were:-


Tri Start 8 years


1st Amy Harlan  –  Wrekin College Tri

2nd Grace Nolan  –  Tewkesbury Tri

3rd Sophia Donovan –  Solihull Tri


1st Ruben Snelson –  Rugby Tri

2nd Oscar Vickers  –

3rd Tristan Tombs  –  Rugby Tri


Tri 1 9-10yrs


1st Emma Barr  –  Newcastle Tri

2nd Alice Raines  –  Worcester Tri

3rd Ella-Mae Fereday –  Rugby Tri


1st  Harry Cockcroft –

2nd  Sam Holwill  –  Wrekin College Tri

3rd Alex Thomson  –  Black Country Tri


Tri 2 11-12yrs


1st Molly Shermer –  Cannock Tri

2nd  Jess Humphrey –  Wrekin College Tri

3rd Rachel Curry  –  Fusion Tri


1st Connor Bentley –  Wrekin College Tri

2nd Skip Snelson  –  Rugby Tri

3rd Nicholas Evans –  Stratford Sharks




Tri 3 13-14yrs


1st Maia Hawkins  –

2nd Abigail Saker  –  Birmingham Tri

3rd Annie Cox  –  Stratford Sharks


1st Joel Roura  –  Wrekin College Tri

2nd Daniel Wilkinson –  Stratford Sharks

3rd Reece Ashfield –  Black Country Tri


Youth 15-16yrs


1st Phoebe Hughes  –  Oswestry Tri

2nd Amelia Silk  –  Black Country Tri

3rd Gemma Evans  –  Black Country Tri


1st Joe Deakin  –  Oldbury Tri

2nd  Harry Halford  –  Wrekin College Tri

3rd Billy Starling  –  Wrekin College Tri


Also taking part from Worcester Tri Club were:-


Jordan Prust  – Youth

Ben Pinner  – Youth

Etan Hunter  – Tri 3

James Sheldon  – Tri 3

Ben Harle  – Tri 1

Tom Charles  – Tri 1

Calum Jennings – Tri 1