We are getting some great feedback on the lake this year. The water is far clearer than before and we can see the bottom at 6 foot+. Temperature on Saturday morning was 18c+ and we had a great turnout and even enough hot water for shower at 9am.

As always lots of positive comments on the friendly staff and great facilities as well as the on water safety.

The cake, tea and hot chocolate stand on a Saturday run by Helen Jubb (and Mum and Dad) is doing really well and we have lots of great club helpers who keep turing out to help out including Wilf Jenkins – cheers Wilf.

Lots of new swimmers and glad to say we have been able to get all sorts of people swimming. From our own Matt Thomas ( responsible for pushing the tempo in the college swim fast lane over the last few months) to complete first timers. All enjoying the experience and trying it out safely.

We have had our first junior member borrowing a club wetsuit which worked well and now the water is warming up it would be good to see more of our Juniors coming along for a session.

All in all, a great start to the 2014 and thanks to all the club members too numerous to mention, who have made this happen to date. Roll on the next few months