Thanks to Andy Day for the following report – and congratulations on the win!

Kempley Duathlon 17/06/12.
The weather was looking kind to me as I travelled the 90 miles down to Kempley to fly the flag for WTC.
My 2 other team mate entrants Danny Harris & Iain Jennings had to pull out through sickness & injury.
I signed on to find that there were only 19 entrants & quietly thought I may be able to get a sneaky win.

I hadn’t done the race before but it is a 3.5mile country lane run, 17 miles mostly country lane bike with a couple of digs & then a repeat of the first run.

My game plan was to start the race & not attempt to set the pace but to just follow. I did just that but came into T1 just in front with a 21.04. Quick transition & I was out first & didn’t see anyone again. I was very impressed with the route & the signage. They even had Pothole signs!!
Into T2 with a bike time of 47.25 & I must admit that I thought I had a little more time than I actually did! As I ran out of the Cowshed that was Transition I suddenly saw the next competitor coming in. Suddenly I realised I still had a job to do here & couldn’t jog around.

I actually felt good on the 2nd run & despite the heavens opening up & getting soaked I enjoyed it & was able to ease off a little towards the end when I took a look back with about ½ mile to go & couldn’t see anyone.

I crossed the finish line with a 2nd run time of 21.26 & a win!!

I must say thanks to Phil Parsons & Iain Jennings who came along with some of the family to support.