Upton Olympic Distance Triathlon 12th June 2014.

This is one of the few Triathlons held on a Saturday because of the big party they have in the evening. This triathlon has developed a bit of a reputation for being relaxed and fun with competitors coming from far and wide (Scotland to Cornwall) and camping for the weekend. It is held on a farm in the fields by the main bridge. Parking is free and by the registration tent. You receive all the usual stuff as well as a T-shirt. Transition zone is the field by the bridge and road.

Swim: You have to walk 1500m upstream across the field to the start so bring your flip-flops and race bag. The organisers then collect the bags and return them to registration for collection. I found the swim excellent as really enjoyed it although there is some discussion on the FB page about stomach upsets maybe due to drinking the river water. The current is strong and the swim one way so expect a PB for the distance. Once out it is a bit of a run to the entrance to transition and then out.

The cycle ride is two laps around the country roads of Croomb and Kempsey and fast. There is a small hill, which isn’t to taxing that you do twice. Roads are in good condition and only a couple of right hand turns. There are no water feeds on the ride. The run-in into the transition is under the main road, which is safe.

The run is two laps of a mainly off road route but primarily on hard ground.

There are two water feeds per lap and sprinklers. Running past the cow shed on the farm certainly adds to experience. The finish is a 400 m straight run in. Post race there are camping showers available which are free (as far as I know) so you can freshen up change while waiting.

I really enjoyed this Tri because of its laid-back feel and party atmosphere. There are plenty of hotels in Upton but they are not that inexpensive. I would probably camp, to be on site for the party. Cycling around Worcestershire is always enjoyable and the swim and run are big bonuses. We should support this local Tri as much as possible.