Club Aquathlon/ Summer Social Report

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Aug 292013

There was a good turnout for the Club Aquathlon/summer social last night with many members coming to compete or cheer on their friends. The event took place at Upton Warren where club members were competing for the Howard Peters Trophies. After racing had finished club members and their friends and family stayed on to socialise and enjoy a lovely buffet.
In the adults race, relay teams and individual athletes competed over a course that consisted of a 1.2 mile run followed by a 500m swim and finishing with another 1.2 mile run.
Team Brookhouse was the first relay team home and first overall in a time of 20:56 minutes. The first male was David Jubb who also finished 2nd overall. He completed the course in 22:46 mins. The first female athlete home was Ellen Hemsworth who also finished 8th overall in a time of 26:47 mins.
However, the male and female winner of the Howard Peters Trophies is still unknown. Handicaps will be given and the two winners will be kept secret until the club dinner in February.
A shorter children’s race also took place. All of the children did exceptionally well and all received a medal for their efforts. The winner of the boy’s race was William Ruane and his sister Jodie won the girl’s race.
Full results of the adult race are listed below.
1st Team Brookhouse (Jack and Graham) 20:56
2nd David Jubb 22:46
3rd Adam Jackson 24:46
4th Neil Wicks 25:11
5th Neill Crump 25:19
6th Steven Hemsworth 25:33
7th Team Oliver (Shelley and Lee) 26:26
8th Ellen Hemsworth 26:47
9th Mark Tanner 26:51
10th Russell Kingston 26:56
11th Team Parsons (Phil and Tegan) 27:06
12th Amy Brooker 28:12
13th Team Jennings (Debbie and Iain) 28:17
14th Gavin Vickers 28:28
15th Team Parson/Day (Jorden and Richard) 28:32
16th Steve Meigh 28:53
17th Brian Vaughn 30:20
18th Anna Price (tewks tri) 30:33
19th Team Jubb (Duncan and Cheryl) 30:58
20th Gill Jubb 31:08
21st Ros Townsend-Hope 32:20
22nd Andrew Cunnell 34:22
23rd Katie Bow 35:00
24th Joanne Tanner 38:09

Upton Warren open water dates

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Aug 292013

Wednesday evenings have now finished however we will be plugging on until Saturday 21st with the Saturday morning sessions 7-9am etc.

Lake was nice and clear and (I think) warm last night but a few people would disagree !


Ironman Copenhagen

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Aug 282013

Congratulations to Russell Kingston who completed Ironman Copenhagen in an excellent time of 10:02:59.

National Club Relay Report- Russell Kingston

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Aug 282013

Dan Geisler, Jason Taylor and myself finished Club Team Relay Championships in a respectable time of 3:35:34 which put them 51st overall (out of 164 teams) and 31st in the Male Open Category (out of 126 teams). The competition was tough with some seriously fast pro teams taking part together with those just out for a laugh and a good day out. The organisers promote it as ‘organised chaos’….and that’s not far off the truth!

We didn’t manage to find a 4th person to replace the injured Rich G so Team Captain Dan did each leg twice.

Hopefully next year we can get a few more involved and enter more than one team

Vachery Festival Race Report – Darren Huxley

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Aug 282013

Vachery festival race report, 21st July…(better late than never)

Well this was gonna be my first standard distance race along with my first open water race, we arrived on the Friday night at a nearly empty field in the beautiful Surrey countryside to park up the van, greeted by a big smile of the organiser Mark, just park where you like he said.

Sat morning we had a walk around to look at the transition area and very clean Vachery Pond which is acually a spring fed lake, looked at the marquee where the pasta party would be later that evening, took the kids to play on the makeshift play area and headed back for lunch, by this time the field was starting to fill up and there where lots of friendly competitors to talk to and other kids the little ones could play with, all in all a great atmosphere.
Then it was time to test the water and jump in the pond, lovely and warm…….as I got out I got talking to one of the BTC officials who told me it will probably be a non wetsuit swim, oh really, damn I thought I have never swam open water without one, ah well what will be will be!!
Next morning up early to prepare my transition gear only to find that my googles have been lost in transit off the top of the push chair, oh s??? i thought, ok all eyes down, retrace steps, sure enough there they where in the grass not to far from camp, phew…

Said goodbye to the family and headed of to the briefing, this done goggles and hat on, here goes, water was lovely, lined up and honk, off we go! Well I held back a few seconds then went, slow and steady, a few minor knocks later I was about 400m in when, WEEDS lots of WEEDS (Top barn x 4) it put me right off, looking around i noticed every one struggling so ploughed through, so at the 1000m point im thinking, this is a long swim? Well finally at the end and about 5th from the back of my wave and a split of 39 mins, 10 mins slower than usual!! Done it yay!
Then its a 200m run to T1 where everthing went smoothly, ran out and jumped on the ol bike, first 10k was fairly flat and I was going well but in the back of my mind was the dread of the Surrey hills ahead. Suddenly, there they are, narrow lanes with a small climb to start followed by a short plateau, then the next, this time steeper followed by another plateau, so far so good, passed about 3 people and a guy on a bike you dream about, which was a small pick me up as he passed me earlier like I was riding a bloody snail! Keep going, up up up but then weeeee down down down wow this is great I thought, it was down hill all the way bar a few short sharp climbs, before i knew it T2. Smooth transition again and off, the run was nice with the first 2k off road then 6k on closed roads and 2k off road to finish, the run was good and I didnt stop ( i wanted to).
I was aiming for 2.45 but was happy with 3hr2m, now I know I can go harder next year. Overall it was well organised with sprint and long distance courses also, they are even looking at junior races on the Sat next year, cant wait…

Jurassicman Extreme Triathlon Report – Ben Martin

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Aug 132013

So it’s a couple of days after the first instalment of the Jurassicman Extreme Triathlon from Brutal events which covered the Iron distance of a 2.4mile swim, 112mile bike & 26.2 mile run. This wasn’t your standard Iron distance race as it was a point-to-point race along the Jurassic coastline. This concept alone is what drew me to the event and being my only 2nd Iron distance race (outlaw was the first last year) this was a big step up but I trusted my training & felt ready to take it on with an aim to finish before it got dark.


The HQ for the race was roughly in the middle of the start & finish in Charmouth where camping was an option. I took this option and stayed over for the weekend. Trying to get an early night with other campers up till the early hours wasn’t ideal but managed to get some kip before the dreaded 3am wake up. Transport left to the start at 4am with roughly an hour travel to the start line where all our kit was waiting for us. The race started in Budleigh Stalton in Devon with a sea swim. With the entry limit of the race to be 100 only 28 insane men & women took this challenge on which is a shame on the low numbers. With a quick race briefing before the start we took to the sea at around 6am. The swim consisted of 3 laps out to sea back inland then across the bay. The first lap wasn’t to bad as the water was still quite charm, as you started to go onto the 2nd & 3rd laps it was a struggle with the current and the waves as sighting was hard with the waves and feeling your getting dragged back out to sea at times. At times you just had to hope you saw a hand in the distance and aimed for that, According to the final race results I managed to finish the swim in 1hr 40mins (Outlaw I did a 1:15 so conditions were tough).


After a Transition came the gruelling 112 mile bike ride from Budleigh Stalton in Devon to Studland in Dorset.  I knew the profile was going to be hilly but I don’t think anyone expected what lied ahead. If anyone managed to get round the course with out having to walk up a hill at some point are super human I must say. The name Brutal events defiantly lived up to there name designing this course. As soon as you got out of transition you were presented with your first climb of the day which looking back was tame compared to some of it. With a local cycle sportive going on as well over part of the course it broke up the start of the ride as you powered past people on the tough first few climbs. At around 28kms in was the first real massive climb with trying to climb it on a TT bike was not going to happen and had to walk up it, As I was walking up I turned around and saw a line of people walking up. This was pretty much the theme for the rest of the bike ride with an average of around 17-20% climbs maybe more. The course it self was very technical and with lots of right turns fast narrow lane descents, lots & lots of climbing you had to be confident bike handler if you were to get round and keep consternating the whole way round as I found out on a blind corner when I came round a corner and nearly within inches became the new badge on the grill of a black land rover, This is the toughest bike course I have ever ridden But some of the views out there when your climbing up over the coastline defiantly made up for it and made it even more a sense of achievement when you got to the end. I managed to finish the ride in just under 8 hours with my original aim to be roughly around 6:30-7hrs. Though the final results say over 10 hours I think there timing on this part might be a bit wrong.


Getting into transition after what can only be described a relief that I can final get off this bike I have been on all day. As I got in a couple people called it a day after the ride alone. I had a support crew of my parents who came and watched me all day and helped me get set up for the run. I forgot my watch in the tent that morning so wasn’t aware the time it was in the day but knew I would be running in the dark at some point and my £3.99 head torch will come in handy. The run started at a farm just outside Studland where you ran up to then followed the costal path down to Swanage then all the way to lulworth cove to the finish. The start of the run was sign posted but soon after you had to rely on you map reading skills to navigate along the paths. As I started the run I had an aim of going my own pace what ever it would be to run on the flats but walk up the inclines as I had done in training over the Malvern hills but this was nothing like the Malvern hills. Within the first few miles I took a wrong turn somehow and ended up back at transition with a quick check on the map I got back on track and lucky enough saw another runner so knew I was on the right course. With a quick pits stop with my support crew in Swanage with a can of coke I was all sugared up to carry on. The views in the light over the coastal path were awesome to look at and made the challenge even better. But as I got to the first check point which was roughly just under half way I had already been going for nearly 3 hrs navigating, walking, climbing, plodding along the paths. With a bit of food and the only 2nd female doing the event caught me up we headed off with not much light left in the day. My pace couldn’t keep up with her and I soon got distanced and was getting darker now. Her support partner who was out as well supporting her said she wasn’t far ahead so I tried to catch up or get close enough to see her glow stick or head torch so I could have some company but after taking another wrong turn in the dark and still having nearly 12 miles of costal paths to navigate on my own I had to make the tough decision for my own safety to call it a day. I was gutted as I cam so close but knew given the conditions and being on my own it was the right call to make. I managed to finally get a signal to my parents who were at the finish line at around 10:15pm to tell them the bad news who let the organisers know I’ve had to pull out. By which they replied to saying at that point the 3rd person was just about to finish. Only 2 people finished it in the light. After being picked up and driven back to the finish line where soup & food were waiting for me I was proud of how far I got and if I had company on the run I knew I would of made it to the end. But my safety had to be number one. After missing the mini bus back to the campsite by a matter of minutes I had to wait till the last person to come in which was the 2nd female in the field who I met at the first check point of the run before I could get back to the campsite. She took nearly 19hrs to complete and came in with the support guide. It was great to see others come in the dark and made me even more determined to come back and make sure I will not be beaten as I came so close to the finish and scrape the first ever DNF off my record.


The support from other crews family & friends was amazing and each athlete helped each other when they can and gave loads of encouragement along the way especially on the bike course. There are a few tweaks this event needs on the safety aspect I believe as even they said there timing for people finishing was way off but in all this is probably one of the toughest Iron distance races in the world. Even people who have done the brutal have said this is worse. With a start list of 28 on the day 20 people finished with me being the last DNF. If this is run again I will be back and will be more prepared for what lies ahead.


Ben Martin

English National Aquathlon Championships – Neill Crump

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Aug 132013
The day started brightly with my 4.30am alarm call from our little girl, Calista. When you see her smiling and laughing at that time in the morning, it does make you reassess your mood!
Plenty of time for us to have breakfast as the English National Aquathlon was luckily in Birmingham and registration did not close until 7.30am.  Arriving there, we found out that wetsuits were optional due to the positively barmy weather we have been having.  Optional for a shark may be.  Mine was going on.
After his appearance at The Avenger a few weeks ago, Martyn Brunt of 220 Magazine turned up again.  Seemingly a serial racer, he is also in an old gits category (one of the most competitive age groups, of course, though!).
We had time to kill and therefore chewed the fat on how all the youngsters seemingly could swing their legs back and forth to their ears,  how everyone else there made us fine specimens look fat, and that Ian, the guy who beat us out of the water at The Avenger, missed the Ironman Bolton bike cut-off despite swimming 54 mins!!
At the swim start, I decided to self seed in the second row and it was a rubbish decision after getting caught on the wrong side of a couple of swimmers in the first hundred metres of so.  Still, it cleared up and after catching Brunty, most of the swim was spent drafting again.
Just like Avenger although this time as we exited, I did not feel like puking so all was good.
Through transition and onto the run.  Bit of a twisty one with a lot of 180 turns and a couple of bumps, you never really got too much of a rhythm.  It was kind of lucky though as, like in Liverpool at the World’s qualifier, I struggle with my breathing on such a short 5k run.  That said, second half was better and I came over the line thinking of my second breakfast of the day….mmmm…bacon butties.
So that’s where I headed.  The bloke behind the counter also returned my wedding ring.  Not for the first time, I had forgotten to take it off that morning and after a last minute dash to gift it to him before the race, he had kindly taken a vow not to sell it off.
With bacon buttie in hand, it was off to the timing chip van.  My eyes lit up as I saw 3rd place in the old git, 40-44 age group.  Chuffed with my bronze medal, there was just time to say a few goodbyes and thank the BRAT crew before heading home for a celebratory 19m run.  Amsterdam marathon is getting closer.

Race Report – Oswestry Tri

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Aug 122013

Congratulations to Rachel Powell who raced her first Sprint Distance Triathlon at Oswestry on Sunday 11th.  After doing 2 lengths too many in the swim she came out on the bike on a very challenging course and rode exceptionally well despite having a mechanical problem on one of the very big hills!  She came into the run looking tired but grew stronger on each lap and finished with a fantastic sprint across the line to come 2nd in the Youth category and beating many adults at the same time.  Most importantly she really enjoyed the race and said she is definitely returning next year to do it all again.  Thanks to the Junior coaches who have helped Rachel so much and given her the confidence to achieve great results.

Upton Warren open water dates

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Aug 082013

The last Wednesday evening swim this year will be on Weds 21st August (Weds 28th Aug is the Worcester Tri Club summer bash – members only)

The last Saturday morning swim of 2013 will be Saturday 21st September

After that we will back again first weeks of May 2014 all being well. Details will be on the website including additional special events tbc